Sunday, June 24, 2007

Oh I know I know. What a bad blogger I've been. I haven't updated for a while but really there hasn't been much reason to blog because I haven't done anything terribly interesting. I've been working a lot doing tutoring (if you're a native English speaker you'll have to fight off the tutoring possibilities). I've even been working on Saturday (gasp in horror) so that means that I can't travel much.

I'm at that point in my stay in Thailand where I am good and ready to go home. Things no longer seem interesting, more likely they just seem annoying. I'll never truly speak Thai; it is probably the most difficult language in the world to speak. I thought I had lucked out on a mild hot season but turns out it just came late. It's been unbearably hot so I don't even want to leave my room to go buy food or drop off my laundry. Just walking up the stairs (4 flights) and I'm covered in sweat. I've been fighting a cold for weeks now because my immune system is weakened by coming in and out of the A/C into the heat.

I dream of being at home where food is just an air-conditioned drive away, laundry can be done in my own home and I can freely converse to anyone. Internet is super fast. Netflix will send movies to my home. And Tivo. Tivo. It's probably time for me to go home, before a taxi cab driver kills me by his wild driving without seat belts. God, I hate taxi cab drivers.

I will miss the massages, the facials, and the cheap medical care. I've been going to Bumrungrad Hospital to take care of any and all medical problems I might have before I go home. It's supposed to be one of the top 10 hospitals in the world and it's so super cheap. The doctors are so knowledgeable, unlike the ones in the States who just look at you and scratch their heads when you tell them theres something wrong. The U.S. really needs to get its act together when it comes to medical care.

There are still a few things I want to do before I go home, i.e.:

1) visit a floating market

This seems like a must to do before you leave Thailand. The problem is is that they are quite far from Bangkok and you can't take a bus directly there so you either have to take a taxi or get a group tour to go there. Plus, you have to wake up and go early which is the last thing you really want to do on your day off.

2) visit the Tiger Temple

At first, I didn't feel comfortable visiting the Tiger Temple because I thought the tigers were exploited by the temple to attract tourists and didn't want to contribute to that. But recently I saw a TV show where they really showed the care that they give the tigers and felt more comfortable about going there. You can walk with them and get up-close and personal with a real live kitty cat tiger.

3) visit the Erawan Waterfalls

I just want to swim under a waterfall! Wouldn't that be cool?

4) Go to a Muay Thai boxing match

I went to the stadium but was thrown off by the unequal prices; farangs pay 1,500 baht but Thais only pay 100 baht. Ugh! Whats that!? Still I want to do this! Maybe I can pass as a Thai? Yeah right!

So my time in Thailand feels like its coming to an end but I'm far from doing everything I came here to do. I better get busy!