Monday, January 22, 2007

Hello again everyone! Well its about time for my monthly blog entry. I can't say I've been up to anything terribly exciting. After our travels in Chiang Mai we've been keeping it real in Bangkok, trying to save money so that I can maybe, maybe visit home in March. I would love to come home for a few weeks in March but now my whole plans are being spoiled by the announcement of the Coachella Festival lineup in April. Bjork, my favorite all time superstar, is going to be there, but alas Coachella isn't until April 26th. Sigh. I've been trying to figure out if I should teach summer school and I had all this drama trying to talk to Superior Sister (the Principal who also happens to be a crazy ((maybe??)) nun). She's supposed to let me know on Friday what will happen with summer school and the new school year but now I don't want to teach summer school (March-April) because that means I won't be able to go to Coachella. Sigh again. We'll see what happens but either way I'm going to try to come home so I can gain back all the weight I've lost and see all my friends and family.

Life outside of school has been relatively boring (as boring as it can get in Thailand) but life at school has been loaded with drama. Another foreign teacher quit which makes it 5 foreign teachers in my department who have quit in the past 6 months. The nun drives everyone a little bit crazy and I know I should write down all of these stories A) because no one would believe me B) because it would make a great book. For example, one of the foreign teachers left early on Monday to go to the doctor but didn't tell the nun because he couldn't find her. She called him in the next day and proceeded to yell at him for 45 minutes because he left. He explained that his hand went numb and he couldn't feel anything in his arm and he was worried he might be having a heart attack. To this she responded, "Better that you fall over and collapse at school so that I can take care of you than for you to leave without asking permission." Yes, so basically its better for him to die of a heart attack than to leave without permission from her. Right.

The cold weather lasted for all about 2 weeks and now it is back to being hotter than hot. The kind of hot where you start sweating as soon as you walk outside. The kind of hot where you feel it is necessary to take at least 3 showers a day. The kind of hot where you give up on looking half way decent because your hair will fro and make up will melt off in 3.5 minutes. I hear it actually snowed in Malibu and wish maybe some of that cold would come my way. :)


Bailey said...

It was 16 degrees here in STL on Sunday.

Here's hoping some of that cold makes it your way! :-)

Also hoping that you don't go nub in class!

Anonymous said...


I found you through allconsuming, and thought it was funny that our user pics had the same gesture.
(If you go to my livejournal, you will see what I mean.)


Dave said...

Your blog (not this one, the older one) got mentioned in the New York Times!

Prodigal Borough said...

Read about your debt blog in the NY Times article today, then read a bit of your Thailand stuff. It brought back warm memories of me from my own experiences living in Malaysia. I kind of felt like I was living underwater all the time I was there, and I couldn't really breathe until I got home. But I loved it there and miss it still (it was 15+ years ago)... I'll be looking for more from you soon.

mapgirl said...

Hey LPKitten! I read your old blog in the NYT article today and thought to visit your new blog. I hope you get to go to Coachella! :-)