Wednesday, November 15, 2006

hey everyone, long time no post. everythings good here in thailand. the weather is getting cooler, the nun is chilling out a bit (well for now), my students are acting like little angels and i've made some good friends here. two new american girls came to our school and they are all gung ho about travelling which has motivated me to get out and do more things instead of being so lazy.

so last weekend we went to ayuthaya, which was the ancient capital of thailand. we made a day trip out of it and rented bikes to get around to all the temples. there were tons of temples, hundreds of them, but we only made it to three! the temples were so beautiful and getting around by bike was super cool because there weren't that many cars like in bangkok and there were real sidewalks. we saw elephants and horses walking around randomly (not something you see everyday in california). i posted the photos to the flickr account if you want to check them out. i have to figure out something with my flickr account though because i've ran out of those might be the only two photos for now.

next weekend we might go to visit the bridge on the river kwai. its not that far from bangkok and apparently you can bathe and ride elephants there which would be a fun experience. don't hold me to it though. i also want to try to take some language classes this weekend because i haven't been serious about studying thai with my book. i've learned basic thai phrases just by happenstance so if i make a real effort i might actually be able to understand whats going on around me.

thats about it from me. keep those emails coming! its great to hear from people at home even if its just a quick hello. :)

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Anonymous said...

It must be so nice to travel and see new things.

So glad everything is going well.