Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Last week we went to Kanchanaburi like I said we were going to. It was so beautiful and relaxing. We went to see the Bridge Over the River Kwai which was built by American POWs during World War II after they were captured by the Japanese. It was crazy to think that even Thailand was affected by World War II. We were able to walk across it and a couple of times I thought we were going to fall in. They had lots of floating restaurants on the river and we saw a few that looked like floating dance clubs, people dancing and partying in the middle of the afternoon. Alas, we didn't find any elephants but next time when we go there are great waterfalls to visit so we can look for the elephants when we are not so rushed.

I've been trying to get healthier here. Everyday life provides a lot of exercise. For example, climbing stairs is a major part of my life. I teach and live on the 4th floor so everyday I probably climb up and down 4 flights of stairs about 20 times each day. I counted and there are 88 stairs going up to my classroom and a little less going up to my room. If I go up and down 20 times, thats about 1,760 stairs a day. My leg muscles are getting crazy but I really need to do more sustained aerobic activity. At the mall they have free aerobics classes outside that look really silly but I'm going tomorrow just to say that I've done it. I'm also trying to eat healthier because I don't feel like I'm getting a lot of nutrients from the food I was eating. Lots of rice, rice and more rice but not a lot of anything else.

Next weekend I think we'll go to Ko Samet to get some beach action in. Its supposed to be beautiful and not far from Bangkok so I'll take lots of pictures to share with you all.

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hey u, i really need to catch up on your last couple of posts but wanted to wish you a happy thanksgiving from the states! :)

go_mitchell said...

Just to correct your history the POWs were mostly British, Australian. Not so many Americans. Mostly Asian 200,000,30,000 British, 18,000 Dutch, 13,000 Australian, and 700 American.